Watch | In Ludhiana, the demand for cheap and fashionable clothes is closely linked to death and illness



Illustration: The wire

In the second episode of our series with The ReFashion Hub, we visit two villages in Ludhiana – a bustling textile hub in northern India known for making 80% of the country’s wool clothing and exporting valuable sportswear. of Rs 3000 crore in the world. Almost all of the sportswear here is made from nylon, polyester, and acrylic fabrics, which are widely known to pollute water sources.

Also, the dyeing process of these fabrics has blackened the water currents here. Watch this video to understand the micro impact of the cheap and trendy clothes stacked in our closets.


You’ve listened to a three-part series on how fast fashion clothes are hurting everyday life in developing countries.

Production of this series was made possible by The ReFashion Hub. In this series, we explain what fast fashion is, why you might not really need those sweatshirts you just ordered from an online store, and what each of us can do to clean up. our fashion footprint around the world.

Watch the first part here.

Narrator: Bahar Dutt
Screenwriters: Pawanjot Kaur and Naomi Barton
Producer: Pawanjot Kaur
Director of Photography: Harnoor Singh
Video editor and host: Asad Ali
Scientific editor: Vasudevan Mukunth



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