We tracked down the Dark Souls fashion police


Dark Souls is serious business. Except when it’s not. The game of cursed undead hollows, end of ages, cycles of death and rebirth? It’s also a game where half the players run around swinging oversized weapons with no clothes on, while the other half collects every piece of armor they find and transforms into mobile trash cans.

That’s why it’s perfect for Fashion Souls, the game-in-game where players ignore armor stats to create stylish outfits. Invasions don’t have to be about sneaking into another player’s game to kill them from behind; it can be to show how chic you are. The Age of Fire is temporary. The drip is forever.

The legendary Fashion Police took this to another level, judging the style of players they invaded and rewarding them with items or punishing their fashion crimes with death. There are plenty of ways to kick the bucket in Dark Souls, but getting stabbed by a man in a fabulous butterfly-themed ensemble has to be up there. Although some thought they were nothing more than a myth, we have tracked down one of the fashion police.

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Tales from the Hard Drive, as told by Lenval Brown

Tales from the Hard Drive demanded a world-class voice, so we enlisted Lenval Brown, the amazing narrator of Disco Elysium: The Final Cut, to help us narrate them.

In Episode 1, we told the story of Angwe, also known as the Terror of Menethil Harbor. Angwe was World of Warcraft’s infamous serial killer: an unstoppable rogue who embarked on a months-long ganking spree that became forum legend.

In Episode 2, we met the Fuel Rats, Elite Dangerous players who help pilots who run out of gas in the pitch black. And given that it’s set in a replica of the Milky Way galaxy 100,000 light-years across, in Elite Dangerous the darkness gets very deep.

In Episode 3, we spoke to Dr. Wasteland, the heroic healer who became a legend in the early days of DayZ, proving that even a grim post-apocalyptic survival sim had room for selflessness.

In Episode 4, we covered World of Warcraft’s Corrupted Blood Plague, talking with a former Blizzard raid designer and one of the many players who were in the field when a pandemic hit Azeroth. We also interviewed an epidemiologist, who had some interesting things to say about the real-life parallels of the blood plague.

In Episode 5, we took down the EVE Online scam that took 16 months of undercover work and resulted in the loss of a valuable ship, as well as a broken heart.

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