What was BTS wearing at UNGA? Meet the sustainable fashion brand, RE; CODE



BTS ‘historic participation in the UNGA 2021 SDG Moments has seen an explosion of trends across almost every social media platform and has made digital headlines.

But while many have focused on the wise and inspiring words shared by the members, their clothing choices have also indirectly given a statement on sustainable fashion.

Their entry turned heads as they made their way to the podium and relayed their speech, filled with rays of hope. Among the many topics, one was explicitly about climate change, as BTS has once again displayed their conviction on this matter.

What clothing brand did BTS wear at UNGA 2021?

At the 2021 United Nations General Assembly in New York, BTS delivered their second speech, but this time as special presidential envoys. Their words were as sharp as their looks, as the group called on the “welcome generation”.

Among many elements, their fashion was another facet the ARMYs focused on. Within hours, some discovered that BTS were dressed in a sustainable fashion brand called “RE; CODE”.

D; CODE posted BTS’s photo to their Instagram account, tagging the members and revealing that the costumes were made especially for the group.

RE; CODE was established in March 2012. The brand is proud to attempt to revolutionize the South Korean fashion industry by using eco-friendly clothing and fabrics from its parent company Kolon FnC.

The brand’s website states,

“RE; CODE is a Korean brand specializing in recycled fashion. Using a wide range of materials from military fabrics and tents to parachutes, RE; CODE aims to create a new culture of value instead of waste. ”

Fashion, whether luxurious or understated, plays a role in the challenges of climate change. According to a 2018 UNECE SDG press release, the global fashion industry accounts for nearly 20% of wastewater and 10% of carbon emissions.

The costumes BTS wore are part of the company’s latest collection. The brand’s motto goes hand in hand with BTS’s desire to fight climate change. RE; CODE aims to break fashion stereotypes as they only produce limited clothing and that too by reusing as many materials as possible.

This shows the prudence and commitment of BTS to social causes. The group is not only a spokesperson, but also a pioneer in their efforts to protect the environment.

Apart from that, BTS is set to host their “Permission to Dance On Stage” online concert on October 24, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. KST.

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