Whataburger and Magellan team up for an Academy-exclusive clothing line



What has taken Whataburger and Magellan Outdoors so long to come together? This is the clothing line we’ve been waiting for.

Whataburger and Magellan, Academy Sports + Outdoors’ in-house clothing brand, have launched a new line of shirts, shorts and hats that are sure to be a hit.

It is as if it was inevitable. Two big brands, born in Texas and joining forces for the kind of lifestyle clothing we can all appreciate. It might sound a bit silly to someone unfamiliar with the Whataburger legend, but this bright orange color is like a beacon for those of us who have lived in Texas, or even who have just walked through once or twice. You can’t travel too long in this state without seeing another Whataburger, and the same could be said of the Academy.

I’ll tell you, when I saw this box on my doorstep with a few pieces from the collection, I couldn’t help but smile. It was so perfect!

The breathable, fishing-focused clothing line takes inspiration from the decor and menu items of the fast food restaurant, and consists of short-sleeved and long-sleeved fishing shirts, boat shorts and caps. My favorite is the Hooked on Whataburger long sleeve shirt, featuring a nice sized fish about to lock onto an order of fries attached to a fishing line. I wonder if this can really work …

“We had fun working with Academy and their Magellan Outdoors brand to design Whataburger apparel that we know our fans will be hooked on,” said Rich Scheffler, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Whataburger as part of the announcement. official press release. “We hope our family members and fans enjoy traveling the waterways with some of these brand new items.”

The gear will only be available for a limited time, and for those spending $ 20 or more in-store for collection products, they’re adding a Free Special Edition Whataburger and Magellan Outdoors Table Tent, just like the ones you get. get. while you wait for your Whataburger with cheese and your honey butter cookie sandwich.

“This is the very first collaboration between Whataburger and Academy Sports + Outdoors’ exclusive brand Magellan Outdoors – it’s the secret sauce in fishing fad,” said Lawrence Lobpries, senior vice president of marketing at Academy Sports + Outdoors. ‘Academy Sports + Outdoors. “We’re excited to pair two iconic Texas brands for a fun summer treat that you can only find at the Academy.”

As someone who has spent a good part of my life in Corpus Christi, the place where Whataburger started as a roadside burger stand in 1950, I am certainly no stranger to their must-try food and their dedication to good Texan values. I had the pleasure of finally finding a way to mention Whataburger on the wide open spaces, and lo and behold, it’s the best type of wetsuit a fisherman like me could have hoped for.

Academy is equally steeped in Texan culture, and not just for its great selection of equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. The Academy is where I go to get my hunting and fishing license, my kid’s little league gear, and my wife’s training clothes. This is where I stock up on smoking and grilling items and last minute camping items because they always seem to have what I need. And talk about longevity; Academy has been around since 1938 when it was founded as a family business, and now has 259 stores in 16 states.

Here are two Texas staples that make a lie of reasonable and cool co-branded clothing that I’ll wear with pride. You can find Magellan Outdoors x Whataburger clothing in any store or online at Academy.com/Shop-Whataburger.


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