Where to surf, board, and hike in Northern Michigan, and the only clothing brand that will take you through it all



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If you’ve got roots, family, or an interest in the beauty of northern Michigan, you’re probably familiar with the eponymous lifestyle brand with Traverse City’s famous M-22 route. If not, allow me – a new convert – the pleasure of introducing you.

The M22 clothing brand is synonymous with adventure, discovery and community in Northern Michigan. Founded by kitesurfing brothers Keegan and Matt, residents of the Neahatawanta Peninsula, M22 is more than a clothing brand – an extremely popular brand to boot. It is a travel brand, representing and worshiping the wonders of Lake Michigan as well as its surf, surf and adventure inhabitants. It’s the ultimate guide through the seemingly limitless natural escapes that dot the M22 road, something that before discovering the brand I didn’t even shamefully know myself.

I went to northern Michigan for the first time in June of this year, and although I had heard that it was a great year round destination for the outdoors, the summer there made me think. blown away. Whatever getaway you choose, from windsurfing to multi-day trekking, M22 offers a “micro-adventure” that will adapt to the mood of the moment. These quick trips allow you to get away from it all, whether for romantic, professional, personal or exploratory reasons, and to be in nature at your own pace.

For the faster, M22 can guide you through surfing the freshwater waves of the Great Lakes, from what to bring, how to get there, and advice straight from the locals themselves. Do you prefer to take your time? M22 will take you on a multi-day backpacking trip to North Manitou Island full of epic and photogenic landscapes. And the advice in these guides is Actually useful. “Bring a watch,” M22 advises backpackers. “The west side of [North Manitou] The island is technically in the central time zone, and your phone will go to the previous time, which could cause issues to be on time for the return ferry.

I met Nick Madrick, CEO of M22, after seeing him in action, surfing the crystal clear waters of the glaciers of Lake Wallon. “Micro-adventures,” he revere of the brand’s experiences, “bring people outdoors into the natural environment to reconnect with nature and discover the local community.” Asked about his favorite micro-adventure, his choice pays homage to M22’s roots: kitesurfing. Beyond that, Madrick recommends a “road trip [on] M-22 because there are so many places to explore “along this gem of a route. Looks like you can’t go wrong.

To access M22’s Micro Adventures, you’ll need to copy a copy of their coveted book or a deck of cards, both of which feature all 30 carefully selected adventure routes. These quick reference card sets are ideal for those on the go and pack light, but they sell out often, so be sure to connect with the brand on Instagram or through the newsletter to stay informed of restocking. That said, once you get to Traverse City, head to the new and expanded M22 store where these travel-friendly Microadventure cards are available for purchase, and grab any other outfits you may need for your trip. Whichever way you put one, these physical guides act as adventure catalogs and make planning your trips to northern Michigan pretty much foolproof.

Speaking of dress code, and as someone writes while wearing M22, these are comfy basics worth investing in. Not only do the garments come from WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified companies, their high level of material and design quality is palpable. You can tell when you use sweatpants, t-shirts, hoodies, cycling bibs, yoga straps, dog leashes, towels and M22 bags that you will use them for years. This makes it easier to represent the brand (as it does in Northern Michigan) and by extension your sense of stellar adventure.

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