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03 Aug 2021

Shein, the fast fashion secret from China, isn’t exactly eco-friendly or transparent, but crushes it with American teens.

Among the signs of traction:

  • A Serious research a June report showed Shein had become the largest fast-fashion retailer in the United States, with 28 percent of sales, overtaking H&M (20 percent) and Zara (11 percent). In early 2020, Shein accounted for 7% of fast fashion sales in the United States.
  • In May, Shein overtook Amazon.com as the top downloaded shopping app in the United States, according to App Annie and SensorTower.

Shein’s success is attributed to his low prices (p.

From an awareness standpoint, Shein figured out how to go viral on TikTok and other social platforms. An article in Goods by Vox said, “It has cemented its reputation among ordinary people, especially Gen Z shoppers, who promote the brand through unsponsored clothing and outfit posts on social media.”

Shein’s offerings are made possible by her supply chain which offers endless fashion options at mind-blowing prices. Little is known about Shein’s supply chain, however, as the company is keeping a low profile.

A the Wall Street newspaper profil has relied on interviews with third-party suppliers to determine that Shein sources from more than 5,000 factories in China, primarily in the southern province of Guangdong, to produce small batches of 100 to 500 fashion items.

A TechCrunch The article said that online technologies further allow Shein to tailor products to local tastes. The articles noted, “The strategy is reminiscent of TikTok which connects content creators with users using algorithms to understand their habits in real time.”

Shein was arraigned for photos that did not match the images in the app and for the quality of the product and was charged with copyright infringement and use of child labor. the Newspaper The article concluded that questionable practices as well as sustainability concerns are so far downplayed by young customers.

Katrina Gagliano, a 29-year-old Shein fan, told the newspaper: “All of this stuff falls apart because you get so much for your money.”

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Why hasn’t the lack of transparency and its sustainability challenges been a hindrance for Shein? Has the Chinese company created a retail model for long-term success in the United States?


“Shein’s ubiquitous social media ads and new designs are irresistible. “




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