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Indiana Fever guard Destanni Henderson has had a whirlwind month so far.

The 23-year-old recently won the 2022 NCAA championship on the South Carolina Gamecocks women’s basketball team alongside Aliyah Boston and a few weeks later was drafted 20th for the Indiana Fever in the WNBA Draft.

Henderson, who goes by “Henny” for short, left at sunset as a champion to end her college sports career and enters her professional career as one of the players to watch, but her efforts off the field are also highlighted. .

The young athlete wore a powder blue suit with a matching New York Yankees cap from Angel Brims NYC, multiple bracelets and rings, and bright sneakers reminiscent of Bape’s Bapesta sneakers. She also designed her entire look, from the custom hat to the sneakers.

“It took me less than 48 hours to come up with the look,” Henderson said. “Something happened with my first look, so I had to go into my closet and find something I hadn’t worn yet.”

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In 2020, Henderson launched an emerging direct-to-consumer brand called Clothing by HP that offers graphic t-shirts, sweatpants and shorts printed with bandana patterns or quirky camo prints, as well as jackets, tracksuits in denim and velvet.

“I launched my brand when COVID-19 happened,” Henderson began. She thought about what she would like to do if she didn’t play basketball and turned to fashion.

“I thought about what I would like to do if I didn’t play basketball because basketball wasn’t an option at that time,” she said. “I really didn’t have all the tools and things I needed, but I did some research.”

Destanni Henderson in the WNBA Draft.
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Her love for fashion started at an early age. She said she dressed well as a child – “It comes from my family and grew on me” – and took it more seriously as she got older and into college. Fashion is all she thought about while playing basketball, she added.

She made her first piece in July 2020, a pair of royal purple and gold sweatpants, as a tribute to Kobe Bryant who died six months prior.

Although she was building her booming business, she couldn’t sell any products due to NCAA rules. But that all changed with the July 2021 decision that NCAA college athletes would have the ability to benefit from their name, image and likeness, or NIL.

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“I was promoting myself and telling people I’m going to have a website to order from,” she said of her brand before the decision. “From a team perspective, it just put me in a position to teach things that I’ve already been diving into since the start of COVID-19. People asked me how I did because they wanted to make something of themselves and their own business.

Her WNBA Draft night outfit showcases many parts of her personality, style, and personal life. For example, she wears hats very often and needed the fitted cap to complete her look, and she wore her sneakers before for her birthday.

Prior to the draft, she was a guest at WSlam’s first WNBA draft night at Stadium Goods alongside University of Kentucky first draft pick Rhyne Howard, new Washington Mystics center Shakira Austin who was styled for the WNBA draft by Kesha McLeod as a designer. Jewels Nicole Shante and Moritz Gilk, rookies Elissa Cunane, Nyara Sabally, Emily Engstler and Hailey Van Lith and New York Liberty center Natasha Howard.

Stadium Goods hosting the WSlam event follows Nike’s equity investment in the WNBA in February 2022 to help grow the league, create more exposure for athletes and get more girls into basketball. The investment builds on the company’s commitment to the league, which includes a partnership on playing uniforms and producing an apparel collection for the WNBA.

As for the league embracing fashion and vice versa, Henderson said, “I feel like it’s definitely a good time. I feel good about what’s going to happen. The W has changed a lot and has been a platform for women to tell their story and show off their style and the way they present themselves. I have a feeling the tunnel photos will be really awesome. It’s going to be amazing and it’s only going to get better.

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