“Working on my biceps” – Venus Williams launches superhero collection for her clothing line


Venus Williams has been absent from the WTA Tours since August 2021 but has yet to announce her retirement from professional tennis. His ranking has slipped to 467. However, the tennis star is unimpressed with the ranking.
She is currently focusing more on the movie “King Richards” and also her fashion company “Eleven” which deals in sportswear. It has a series of different trends for sportswear. They now have a new line of outfits coming up inspired by the movie “Batman”.


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Venus shared her photo at the launch, flaunting her fashionable personality. She wrote, “I love superheroes, pretend and real life✨ Of course we @elevenbyvenus designed a collection around @the Batman film and film, it’s just me channeling my inner hero/warrior at the premiere. I worked on my biceps to keep the world safe”


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Well, the world already feels safe when the Williams sisters are active on any issue.

Venus Williams and her team offer a new collection

Eleven by Venus Williams is actively launching new and trending designs for its customers. With the release of her movie, King Richards, Eleven offered “vintage” sportswear. Now they have the collection inspired by the famous superhero Batman.

There are many color variations in the collection, including Batman’s special black. Other colors are Opel, White, Island Green, Admiral Navy blue, Cheery, etc. The patterns are mainly two-tone and easy to use in sports activities.

Multi-functional dresses have ample breathing space and a muscular look to look like “super hero” status. The Venus look already had thousands of likes within hours of posting and the collection also looks very intriguing.


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Younger sister Serena Williams was also one of the admirers of her pic when she replied, “I mean, this is the most fantastic look ever!!!! Nnnnnnn”


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in about 2 hours

Current activities of Venus and Serena outside the tennis circuit


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The famous sisters are iconic figures for many people. They work collectively and separately on many work fronts. Serena is also busy with her fashion brand “S-Collection”, as is Venus Williams. Serena also actively invests through her venture capital firm.

In addition, the two sisters produced an acclaimed film “King Richards”, which just won a SAG award for the lead male actor – Will Smith. The Film also has 6 Oscar nominations this year, including “Best Picture”.

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