Young boxing star launches clothing line worn by Anthony Joshua


AN 18-year-old amateur boxer from Poole who has a form of cerebral palsy, has launched a clothing line which has been worn by Anthony Joshua.

Gabrielle Reid, an amateur boxer from Poole with right hemiplegia, aspires to compete in the Olympics and has recently launched a new clothing line.

Gabrielle’s mother Lisa said: ‘She now has her own clothing brand which is her ‘GR, never give up’ logo.

“Gabrielle has right hemiplegia which is a form of cerebral palsy. Because of the effort she put into her boxing and how far she’s come despite her disability, it was her way of telling people, if you want something, go on and never go on.

“Obviously you’ll always have challenges and hurdles along the way, but keep going, so that’s the message she’s trying to send to people through the clothing line.”

Anthony Joshua snapped a photo wearing Gabrielle’s clothes earlier this year.

Lisa said: “The surprise was arranged through a mutual friend of hers (Anthony Joshua), we did everything behind Gabrielle’s back.

“We sent him the t-shirt with a letter and some photos of her and he wore the t-shirt, took a photo and signed the photos, so now it’s all been put in a nice frame and we hope to arrange for her to actually meet him.

The last time the Echo spoke to Gabrielle, she was doing white-collar shows.

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Now she became an amateur boxer and MTK boxing champion last year for her age and weight, she has also won other championships since then.

Gabrielle now has plans to move on towards her Olympic goal, Lisa said: “On Monday she has an interview because she’s been shortlisted for a scholarship to the University of Southampton so a lot of positive things are happening.”

“She has her interview on Monday and she has to decide between that or doing an apprenticeship with Sports England, so she has two choices and she just has to make the right decision for herself.

“But either way it will lead her to success so it’s all really exciting she only has her A levels to do so she should be done by the end of June and then it’s just her who decides really about his future.

“She wants to be in the Olympics, that’s what she aspires to and I really believe it will happen because she’s just done so well, and despite her disability, she fights able-bodied people, she’s the same as everyone in respect of whom she is fighting against, so her accomplishments are nothing short of amazing.


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